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KICS students must acquire 4 credits of elective coursework prior to graduation. Some of those elective credits are offered through various music, performing and visual art classes.

Primary Art

At KICS, Primary Art is a program structured to introduce students to the elements and principals of art at an early age. This gives them the opportunity to practically expand on this knowledge by engaging in exciting and diverse art lessons.

Students from Pre-Kites to Grade 5 are encouraged to explore their creativity by using different mediums. Students engage in artwork projects ranging from 3D art innovations to art history creations. Additionally, students study the work of various artists and create artwork inspired by their styles without losing their own artistic identity.

Students are trained to recognize and appreciate world cultures as they learn about different approaches to art. At the higher primary level, students learn about various careers in art and consequently, embark on fun projects that give them a glimpse into the life of an interior designer, cartographer, illustrator, and so on!

This program is designed to equip primary students with the art skills and knowledge that is needed, should they wish to pursue their creativity further into secondary school.

Studio Art Classes

Students in grades 6-12 have the option of taking visual arts as elective courses. Each of the courses is one semester and offer a half credit. The middle school level classes are instructed as a broad overview of the foundations and principles of art. The high school courses are more specialized, offering deep skills in drawing or painting.


At any time on campus, you may see young photographers trying to get the right shot. Students in grades 10-12 may engage in a beginner level photography course. The students are instructed in the art of creating and capturing moments using Digital SLR cameras provided by the school. Click here for a sample of their work. 

Media Design

Students in 10-12th grades also have the choice of taking a class that integrates art with technology. Media Design is an introduction to graphic design. Students learn principles of good design as well as skills in using the Adobe CS6 package of creative software. Student work from this class has been used in the school’s marketing programs.