Schools will re-open in September 2020 and KICS is receiving new student applications. APPLY HERE and join the KICS community. 


For 100 days, starting April 7, 2020 KICS stands together with Rwanda during the 26th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.


1. Christ-Centered Worldview
  • Live out our vision to impact the world for Christ by preparing servant leaders
  • Integrate a Christ-centered worldview into academic subject areas
  • Begin every day with a prayer and mission time, a time dedicated to Christ and our role in the world as Christians 
2. Welcoming Community 
  • Experience the welcoming community of peers, teachers, coaches, and administrators
  • Build relationships with people from all walks of life
  • Participate in mission groups, led by a staff mission leader, and experience spiritual growth through relationships with your group
3. Student Diversity
  • Join a student body representing 31 different nationalities.
  • Interact with a diverse staff from 13 different nationalities
  • Learn to interact with different cultures in preparation to be a global citizen
4. Passionate Staff 
  • Learn from teachers who are passionate about teaching in their subject areas
  • Develop unique partnerships with staff to achieve your academic goals
  • Interact with experienced staff, with 40% having 8 or more years of experience in their field
5. Rigorous Academics 
  • At primary school, participate in “specials,” including computers, French, music, art, library, and physical education.
  • In secondary, participate in Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP courses
  • Enroll in rigorous academic courses at a US-Accredited School (accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International & Middle States Association)
  • Register for unique course electives, including photography, media design, choir, drama, personal finance, and more.
6. Career and College Prep 
  • Learn from a goal-setting, future-oriented mindset
  • Sit for college examinations, as KICS is an official testing site offering the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP Examinations.
  • Participate in student-led conferences, SAT prep courses, and other programs to prepare you for the future.
7. Arts
  • Participate in a variety of artistic activities, including choir, band, photography, yearbook, art, media design, drama, piano, and worship band.
  • Display artistic talent at the annual art show and concert.
8. Sports 
  • Participate in varsity or junior varsity football (soccer) and basketball
  • Compete in leagues with motivated teams under the guidance of excellent coaches
  • Cheer on the Lady Kites Basketball team, International Basketball League champions for 2 years in a row
9. Community Investment
  • Get involved in local ministries and volunteer opportunities in Rwanda.
  • Participate in service projects, allowing students to brainstorm, engineer, and execute ideas for serving the community beyond KICS.
10. Facilities
  • Enhance your academic growth in the science lab, library, media centers, and piano studio
  • Take part in the most technologically advanced school in Rwanda.