KICS is ready to launch the 2020-2021 School year. Please click HERE to find all the information you need about our school reopening.

KICS offers a variety of student services for the purpose of assisting students in their specific learning needs.

Learning Support

KICS Learning Support Program is designed to provide instructional support for students above and beyond normal classroom differentiation. Students in the learning support program often experience difficulty learning due to a diagnosed learning disability or other physical or emotional challenges that limits that student’s ability to progress academically. Students qualify for services based on STAR scores, psycho-educational evaluation, grades, and academic history. Students receive services through 1:1 intervention as well as in-class support.

English Language Learning

The KICS English Language Learner Program (ELLP) is designed to help non-native English speakers engage more fully in an English based education system. Students qualify for services based on WIDA Model Assessment scores, STAR scores, grades, and teacher input. Gaining the English skills necessary to become an academically English proficient global citizen is a multi-year process. Research indicates it can take students 4-7 years to become academically proficient. Academic proficiency requires technical language and complex writing. Our future global leaders need these skills to become successful in university, career, and ultimately in impacting the world for Christ.

School Counseling

KICS Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP) is designed to advance student achievement by teaching all students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to be successful academically, spiritually, and socially both today and tomorrow. The CSCP partners with students, parents, staff, and the community to promote the continuous emotional, spiritual, and academic growth of each student. The school counseling department works closely with teachers to develop and implement lessons and activities that are preventive in nature and comprehensive in scope.

KICS Elementary School also has a Whole Child Interventionist. The Whole Child Interventionist teaches the Bounce Back program to all students and runs the Transform program.

Bounce Back is a well-being, resilience, and social-emotional learning curriculum which enhances students’ capacity to develop positive relationships and cope with the ‘ups and downs’ of life.

The Transform program is a play-based program developed to support the social and emotional needs of individual students.

Epic: A Gifted and Talented Program

The Enrichment Program of Interdisciplinary Curriculum (EPIC) addresses the needs of the academically exceptional student in grades 2-5 by providing enrichment and extension activities beyond the regular core curriculum. EPIC students’ studies will include meta-cognition, creative thinking, analogies, independent research projects, career exploration, and leadership skills. Students qualify for EPIC based on STAR scores, Grades, Behavior, Achievement Testing, and teacher recommendation.