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For 100 days, starting April 7, 2020 KICS stands together with Rwanda during the 26th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

KICS Concert Band

Band classes at KICS are mixed level. They focus on music literacy, listening, musicianship, working as part of a team, and developing a characteristic sound on each student’s instrument. The band performs together in an end-of-term concert, as well as other performances throughout the year including a band and orchestra festival and solo and ensemble festival. Wind instruments and percussion are featured in this group. KICS owns a selection of instruments that are available for student use. Students who are in the band program also have the opportunity to perform in the basketball pep-band and jazz band.


Class guitar is offered to 11th and 12th grade students as an elective. This class covers basic acoustic and bass guitar music using classic, rock, contemporary and blues music. It allows students to customize their experience to discover what styles they like best and perform alone and in small groups.

Jazz Band

Jazz band is a before-school club for students enrolled in concert band. This group is for musicians with at least one year of experience on their instruments and would like more opportunities to play. Students learn about making music with a small group of musicians, use improvisational techniques, and jazz styles like swing and funk. Jazz band performs at special events like the talent show, mission time and fundraisers.


KICS Choir is for singers of all levels in sixth through twelfth grade. This ensemble sings choral pieces from a variety of genres. The choir performs together in an end-of-term concert, as well as a few smaller performances throughout the year. Choir classes focus on music literacy, listening, musicianship, working as part of a team, creating a good and healthy singing tone, and effectively communicating messages through song.

Worship Band

Entrance into Worship Band is by audition. This group rehearses songs and leads worship weekly at secondary mission time. The class meets Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings, outside of regular school hours. Sixth through twelfth-grade singers and instrumentalists are welcome to try out for this group.