College and Career Guidance Services

University Guidance page

The College and Career Guidance Office offers a required semester-long course for all Grade 11 students that prepares them to transition proactively & deliberately into life after high school with a well-developed plan for their university education and/or career. Students gain a realistic awareness of who they are culturally, spiritually, morally, socially, and individually. Cross-cultural communication, life transitions, and university preparation are key areas of emphasis.

Additionally, the following services are offered by the College and Career Guidance Counselor: 

  • Individual meetings with secondary students for university counseling (including skills or personality assessments and high school course selection guidance as it pertains to future preparedness)
  • Support in application essay editing
  • Helping students acquire letters of recommendation
  • FAFSA assistance for U.S. citizens
  • Financial aid guidance (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) to families
  • Online and physical resources for university search researching
  • SAT and ACT preparation offered and supplemental resources offered
  • Cross-cultural communication training and cultural adjustment preparation
  • Annual job shadow program
  • Opportunities for students to connect with university representatives from around  the world 
  • Liaison services for applications, financial aid, language requirements, and general communication with universities