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Welcome Back!

Sunshine Yellow

Dear KICS family,

We trust you've had a meaningful time of Remembrance and a significant Easter celebration. We also hope this time has been restful for each of you and your loved ones.

Tomorrow morning (April 14, 2020), we will resume with KICS Learning Continues. Just a reminder that it may take a little while for everyone to get reacclimatized to this learning experience after the last week and a half away. Let's remember to give ourselves plenty of grace, truth, and love in this process.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the government's response to COVID19, and if they will be extending the social distancing measures for schools. We imagine they will,  but let's wait and see. While we do this, as a Leadership Team, we've been gathering feedback and looking for ways we can make adjustments, should the need for KICS Learning Continues to go beyond April 19th. If you have any additional points of feedback you'd like to share with us, please reply to this e-mail director@kicsrw.org and share it in this forum. We'll take this into account as we think through the adjustments we need to make.

Thanks again to each of you for your hard work and participation in KICS Learning Continues. While this season of COVID19 is not anything that any of us would choose, let's continue to be diligent to make the most of this situation together.