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Virtual learning - Week 2 Updates


Dear KICS family,

Welcome to Week 2 of KICS Learning Continues. Thanks to each of you for making the extra efforts to make this the best experience possible during this time.

Here are a few reminders/updates for you as we head into this week:

  • The current guidelines/orders have schools closed through April 3rd. We will keep track of this and make adjustments based on what the government lays out for the weeks after that.
  • April 1-3 will be school days for us at KICS. On the school calendar, it shows as Staff workdays, and off days for students. In light of the current circumstances, we will have KICS Learning Continues during this time.
  • We will then engage in a formal break as outlined on the school calendar during the Memorial/Easter time. Teachers will send learning activities home, but teachers will not be available during the break. These have been trying times for all involved. Let's do all we can to participate in the Memorial season and the Easter season during the week of April 6-13.
  • One of the characteristics of KICS that makes us such a special place is that we care for the whole child/student. Please do all you can to ensure the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health of your children and families during these times. These are trying times and there is a lot of change.  For those that are followers of Christ, please stay connected with the Father, and with your brothers and sisters here and around the world. For those who don't follow Christ, please engage in the activities that bring you and your family peace. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • For our parents in lower primary (pre-k through Grade3), please make sure you are engaging with your teachers during this week. Learning virtually can be most challenging for this group. We'd like to do all we can to support you during this time.

Thanks for your participation and appreciation. Let's continue to do all we can each day to maximize our learning and to bring the virus to zero (0) here in Rwanda.