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Update from MINEDUC on Reopening of KICS

Welcome back

Dear KICS family,

Happy Friday.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education let us and other International Schools know that they are going to allow International Schools to reopen in the coming weeks.  We are so thankful. They know that our curriculum timelines are on a different calendar and they want to help ensure our students are able to learn as much as possible within our structure.

In order to reopen, each school will need to pass an inspection and demonstrate they are able to adhere to MINEDUC guidelines, which have been guided by the Ministry of Health.

We are in process with MINEDUC to schedule our inspection, and once we pass our inspection, we will communicate with you a specific date about reopening.  In the meantime, we will continue online.

We've been able to maintain many of the preventative measures we had in place on campus in August. Additionally, we are strengthening our health protocols and safety measures.

Appreciate your prayers in this process as we prepare for the reopening of KICS.  This is a very general summary and we will provide more specific information the further we engage with MINEDUC during our inspection.  We appreciate your encouragement, patience, and understanding in this process.

Take a look at this video to hear some of the measures we'll have in place.

Thanks as always for your partnership.



Dr. Benjamin P. Thomas