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Thomas Family Update

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Dear KICS family,

I’m writing to you from Susie’s parent’s home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Yes, I know that must come as a surprise and shock to many of you. I’m very sorry about that. You know how deeply we love and serve the KICS family. The decision to go towards our family in the US was not easy, but one that I believe you will trust as right, and consistent with who you know me to be. Here is how it unfolded.

Susie and I had every intention of staying in Kigali through the full ramifications of COVID19, to ensure the KICS family has all it needs during this time.  Unfortunately, on Friday morning, I was told of two close family members in New York that my brother had taken to the hospital that night because of complications from COVID19. With this news and the reality of the airport in Kigali being closed, we made the decision on Friday morning to take the emergency flight that was available later that afternoon, to be closer to our family to support them at this time. The impact of COVID19 here in the Northeast of the US where our families are is dire.

Personally, this was such a hard decision. I was wrestling with how to care for two families I love dearly – our KICS family, and the Thomas family. As I wrestled, I know our KICS family is in a safe place as Rwanda has been doing an incredible job of battling this virus.  We made the decision to travel towards the Thomas family who are in the midst of an epicenter of this virus in America, in New York and Philadelphia. I know if the situation was reversed, I would travel to the family that needed me most to care for them.

I will continue serving the KICS family as Director from here in the US.  Working with our Leadership Team, Board, and Staff on what we had planned - budgeting, hiring, enrollment, and KICS Learning Continues to name a fewOur Leadership Team is doing a great job and we will remain strongly connected as we have been throughout this crisis. Our school Board is phenomenal and we are staying connected as well on all matters. The decision to depart on Friday for our family was made with their blessing and support. For that my family and I are grateful.

I hope and pray that you can understand this decision and trust that you will.

I certainly welcome your prayers for my uncle, my cousin, and my brother’s mother-in-law and their families as they are hospitalized with the virus, and some are in critical condition.

I love the KICS family and am so thankful for each of you. I’ll continue to serve each of you in the best way possible for this season from here, as we eagerly wait for our return to Rwanda.

Please let me know what questions you have.