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KICS Reimagined - Date Adjustments

KICS REimagined- Date- Adjustments

Hi Parents, Students and Staff,

We are so very excited for the start of the year.  It's been great to see secondary students on campus picking up their materials Friday and today.  We are looking forward to welcoming Primary students and parents tomorrow and Wednesday.  

I wanted to let you know that we are having some issues with our technology and therefore will have to postpone some of the launch of the school year in its fullness. Some things won't change, but some things will.  Here is the impact for you:

Primary Students

  • Meeting your teachers and resource pick-up will remain tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st.
  • IPAD pickup will still take place on Wednesday, September 2nd. 
  • Zoom calls will take place as a class will take place on Thursday, September 3rd.
  • No contact on Friday.
  • Monday, will launch a normal weekly schedule, online.  

Secondary Students

  • Resource pickup will conclude today.
  • As devices are ready, we will contact you and ask you to come to campus this week to receive the devices.
  • If everything is finalized on the technology side, we will resume with a full online schedule on Monday, September 7th.  
  • This means classes will not begin tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st.  

Thanks for your understanding, patience and grace in this process.  We've had some issues with our software updates that are being fixed and worked on.  A special thanks to Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Nkusi for all of their hard work and effort.  We want all students to start fully equipped and we believe this will allow for a better experience for all students. We will send another e-mail by Friday to confirm the Monday, September 7th start.

In the meantime, please let me or your respective Principal know any questions you have.

We are looking forward to a great year together.


Dr. Benjamin P. Thomas