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KICS Pandemic Protocols

2- Pandemic Protocols

Dear KICS family,

In the last few weeks, we have seen the impact of COVID19 grip parts of the world in significant ways. We remain thankful for the proactive steps the Government of Rwanda has taken and are especially thankful that there are 0 reported cases of COVID19 in Rwanda.

Since we updated you last, we've continued to keep a watchful eye on what's been happening.  We are regularly monitoring the WHO and CDC for updates.  We've been working closely with the Heads of Green Hills and ISK, to ensure smooth communication and collaboration. We've stayed in regular contact with members of the COVID19 task force.

Earlier today, we received new protocols to be followed for schools from the Ministry of Education.  The largest impact on us relates to student gatherings. In light of these most recent directives, we will not be gathering together for Chapel or Mission time as is our custom to do. Instead, we will gather as single classes during these times. Connected to this, we will need to cancel the KICS Primary and KICS Secondary Talent Shows that were scheduled for next week.

Additionally, we've worked with our staff to prepare contingencies for students to continue learning, should Rwanda make the decision to close schools at some point.  If that happens, we will be ready to ensure each KICS student continues to learn.

Please find attached our Pandemic ProtocolsThis is what our Crisis Management Team (CMT) has been using in this process, and will be our guide as a KICS community in this situation.

Thanks for your cooperation with washing hands when you arrive on campus.

Finally, we will continue to follow the guidelines that are set out by the Government of Rwanda around the COVID19 pandemic.  Please be advised of the implications for travel and self-quarantine that they've implemented for those that travel to a country with COVID19.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We will do all we can to ensure the safety of every student, staff, and family at KICS.  Let's remain vigilant and prayerful.


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