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KICS Land Update


Dear KICS family,

As the end of week 3 of KICS Reimagined is upon us, I wanted to express my thanks to each of you. Thanks for your persistence, your patience, and your partnership in this great endeavor. I know it's not easy and I'm so grateful for how each of you is contributing. Thank you.

Later today, you'll be receiving an e-mail from your (child's) respective Principal with a feedback form. We will use this to hear from secondary students, all parents, and staff. Based on the feedback, we'll evaluate and see what adjustments might need to be made. Thanks for your participation.


I have some exciting news about the KICS land in Kinyinya.

Wednesday, the moment finally happened.  The DG of RSSB and I were able to finalize the land purchase for KICS’ 8.8ha/21.75 acres of land.  We are so thankful. Over the next week or two, the land title will be transferred into the name of the Kigali International Community School.  I can’t wait to celebrate that moment with you.

Thanks for your many prayers and partnership on this process. We will continue to build on what happens in the day-to-day at KICS as we look towards living out the KICS vision on a new property.  

Once the title has been transferred, we will let you know and find some way to celebrate this monumental event.

Attached is a timeline of our land journey.

Thanks as always. What a blessing to be part of the KICS family.



Dr. Benjamin P. Thomas