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High School highlights from the 2020 Model United Nations



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In February 2020, a team of High School students represented KICS at the East African Model United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya. Their experience was one that challenged and encouraged them to think critically and develop ideas that they believed in. They share this experience with the KICS Community below.

Annika Irvine

The MUN experience is radically different for each individual who participates. For me, Model United Nations has been one of the most memorable and formative experiences of my high school career. The 2020 conference was a mixed bag of frustration and opportunity. I was not called on to speak as much as I would have liked, which... aggravated me to say the least. However, this setback forced me to perfect my speech writing, so that when I did get called on, I was ready. Because I was not speaking, I was able to listen and learn from others’ speeches and discuss their points with the delegates around me. This enhanced my understanding of the ways someone can have their opinion voiced. In many cases, if I was unable to share a point at the podium, one of the delegates with whom I had discussed the issue would include my point in their speech. This year’s conference taught me the power of connecting with the people around you and the impact your everyday interactions can have.

Haba Kiiza

There have only been a few experiences that have impacted my life as drastically as MUN 2020 did. Prior to attending the conference, I was extremely reserved with my opinions. I had opinions on lots of controversial issues, but I never had the courage to fully express my views. When I did try to share my thoughts, it was extremely easy for me to be swayed by other people’s opinions. This led me to perpetuate the notion that being able to express why I believe what I believe and defend why I believed it was unimportant. I began to think that my views were insignificant. But, being surrounded by such a large diverse group of teenagers for a week, who were not afraid to share their thoughts and ideas on extremely nuanced and complex topics (even if some of their ideas didn’t make sense) gave me the bravery to do the same. It showed me the importance of being able to structure a robust argument and gave me the courage to speak up and share my thoughts.

The KICS MUN team of 2020

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who made our attendance to this year’s conference possible, especially our wonderful parents, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Nikoi. Our experiences have been valuable beyond just giving speeches – thank you for making them happen!