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Dear KICS family,

Congratulations - you made it to the end of Friday.

Thank you so much for your hard work this week. We know KICS Learning Continues requires a lot of sacrifice on everyone's part - students, parents, staff. Thanks to each of you for doing your best and engaging in this process. Please continue to provide feedback to us at KICS as we continue forward in this platform. We know nothing will beat learning in the classroom, but we hope this experience is helping each student grow and learn in meaningful ways.

We pray, hope, and trust you'll be able to enjoy some rest this weekend. We are sure you are already seeing the emotional impact this season is having - not being at school, not being with friends, and learning at home. Please extend grace to yourselves, your children, and all those you are interacting with. These are indeed unprecedented times.

We are continuing to monitor the state where we are in Rwanda. We remain thankful for the proactive measures the Government is taking. We do believe over time these measures will lead to less of a spread of this virus here. Let's remember to pray for one another and the many vulnerable people and communities in this country. Many are beginning to feel the impact of no pay and no food at home. We trust God to be the great Provider and lift up these dear ones.

May the Lord Almighty fill each of you with strength, grace, mercy, and rest throughout the days ahead.