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KICS Champions

Kibe Family- KICS champions post

KICS is blessed with a history of students, staff, and families who have made KICS a better place and have been part of a growing institution that is making a global and generational impact. In our desire to see an even greater impact, we continue taking steps to build on KICS history. KICS purchased 21.75 acres (8.8H) in which growth can happen. Now we are calling upon our global community to help us take steps into the future. We are asking you to be a KICS Champion through giving toward the His Vision Our Future capital development initiative. Many have already committed to being KICS Champions. Some are giving as Vision 2050 Champions at $20-50 per month. Some are giving as KICS High 5 Champions at $5 a month. Others are giving as KICS Family Champions to memorializing or honoring others. We welcome your participation as a KICS Champion in whatever capacity is possible for you.

Be encouraged by the following global KICS family (alumni, staff, families) who have shared about their engagement as KICS Champions.


Simon & Wiranga Kibe

KICS Parents 2012-Present, Board Member

Simon and Waringa Kibe

KICS recognizes that parents have many choices when it comes to the education of their children. As such we work hard to provide high quality, Christ-centered education that attracts families from around the world. The Kibe family shares their perspective on choosing KICS and its impact on their family.

"There are many things that we appreciate about KICS education. We are from Kenya and before we came to Kigali we had become dissatisfied with a system of education that encouraged rote learning, especially because one of us is a former graduate teacher. When we arrived in Rwanda most of the parents we met spoke highly of KICS but we were not able to secure a KICS admission for our two children (Wema and Tuunu) due to limited space. We kept knocking at KICS doors and were excited when KICS finally happened for us in 2012. What we had heard from our new friends and neighbors was confirmed. Our desire for an engaging education, as opposed to rote learning, for our children had been met through KICS.

Secondly, as parents we were, and continue to be, involved in our children’s progress. Character building was also another aspect that continues to be a great attraction. We love it that our children are not only stretched academically but are also being molded into God-fearing, accountable, and responsible future adults. Spiritually, our children have challenged us as parents.

Having been at KICS for over 6 years now, we have observed great growth not only in its structure but also in the way it is living out its Mission and Vision. We believe that KICS will be more than a catalyst for God in Rwanda and the world. It will be an important change agent in transformation... in the sense of mainstreaming God in a quiet and subtle way like yeast to bread. KICS is one of the big reasons we love to be in Rwanda. We almost transitioned out of Rwanda but our biggest concern was where to find another KICS. We prayed and believed God to keep us here and renewed our admission at KICS for the year, way before we were sure of having the means to stay in Rwanda. KICS kept us in Rwanda."


Francesco De Felice

2014 KICS Alumnus and graduate of Trinity International University

Francesco 2I hear great things about the growth and development of KICS and it truly delights me. I have high respect for my school and the direction that it is heading, and trust that those in charge have the blessing of the Lord moving forward. For that reason, I am giving back to my KICS community that has so greatly shaped me into the man I am today. At the end of the day, it is not about what you’ve accomplished or what you’ve purchased; it’s about whom you have lifted up and helped out. It’s about what you have given back. I challenge you to join me as a KICS Champion.


Lane & Anna Mears

KICS Parents 2010-2015, Board Member & PTO Chair

Lane and Anna Mears

"Our family was blessed to be part of the KICS community from 2010 to 2015. During our time at KICS, we were honored to serve through the School Board and PTO and are grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve KICS through giving to the His Vision Our Future campaign as Vision 2050 Champions. KICS is a special place that not only provided an excellent education for our kids but also challenged them to live out their faith courageously. We encourage you to join us, realizing that our partnership with KICS will enable more children and families to be blessed as we have been through KICS."


Janet Nkubana 

KICS Parent 2009-2018

Janet Nkubana"For 10-years I was blessed to have my youngest daughter at KICS before her graduation in 2018. We felt fortunate to be part of the KICS community and to know that Vanessa was getting quality Christian-based education in a wonderful environment. Although I no longer have a child at KICS, I consider KICS my family. I believe it is important to support family, and therefore I would like to challenge you to join me as a KICS Family Champion by giving to the His Vision Our Future initiative. I pray that our continued support of KICS will result in my family and others having KICS as an opportunity for generations to come.


Dr. Alex & Barbara Bwandinga

KICS Parent 2008-2017

Bwandinga family"Our daughter Louise joined KICS in Grade 4 in 2008. It has always been our prayer that she be nurtured in a Christian school. We are proud parents of a 2017 KICS alumna! Our experience at KICS was a blessing to us as a family and to Louise both academically and spiritually. We are happy that she was admitted to a top university in Canada and is enjoying the experience. We would encourage other parents to join the KICS experience too! It’s worth it! Please join us as KICS Champions."


Kelsey Merz

KICS KG Teacher 2012-2018

Kelsey Merz"When God called me to Rwanda in 2012 to teach kindergarten at KICS, I had no idea what was to come. I am incredibly thankful for the six years God kept me there. In my time at KICS, I grew both as a teacher, learning more about my students and how to best serve them daily, and as a Christian, learning to depend on God in ways I never could in my home country. I discovered a community that valued one another like family and stepped up, not only to be there for each other but to be with each other through both celebrations and trials. I felt honored to be a part of this unique staff and community. Besides my own growth, I loved the years I was able to watch my own students grow each year. I now live in the USA and KICS continues to hold an important and special place in my heart. I am grateful to continue to be able to serve KICS as a Vision 2050 Champion so it can better support more families to come. We, as current and former staff, know that the KICS family is such a special community to be a part of. Please join me in becoming a Vision 2050 Champion so others can experience the same unique bond that we have been blessed with."


Bryan & Dr. Holly Hixson

2007-2018, Board and Staff Members

Hixson family"We were privileged to serve in this special community through the staff and board during its first decade and thankful for that blessing. We are eager to see how God continues to provide, enabling greater impact to more students who will span the globe impacting nations. We are confident in the KICS team and proud to join them through this worthy initiative that will ultimately change lives. We are thrilled to partner with the global KICS community in supporting His Vision Our Future as Vision 2050 Champions and challenge you to join us so that more children can experience what our children experienced for generations to come."



Please join us as a KICS Champion to be part of a phenomenal school that is impacting children who will go on to impact the world for Christ as servant leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over apathy.

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