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"KICS Learning Continues" Plan

Kics Learning Continues Plan

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to everyone for their cooperation yesterday. We trust your students received their materials with a sense of thanks. Please know our staff worked so hard, joyfully, to provide for this effort to ensure each student feels cared for.  We have a great team at KICS that we are so thankful for!

So, here we are. Schools have been asked to close. Resources are in your hands. Some of us are scared of the thought of teaching our kids at home. Teachers have been preparing to do something new. Students are home and wondering what this will mean. We are in a good place. While the logistics will always need to be adjusted and sorted, the spirit of the family we have at KICS is strong. As we navigate these next few weeks, let's remember to operate from places of love and grace for one another.

Our commitment as a school is to do everything we can to ensure your child/ren continue(s) to learn during this "closure" time. We would ask for lots of grace as we navigate this. We would also ask for your full participation in this effort.

Here are a few important areas to highlight for you as parents that will ensure expectations are clear. You can expect to:

  • communicate with teachers through email;
  • receive communication from teachers between 9 am and 2 pm unless otherwise scheduled;
  • receive a schedule of lessons and activities from teachers weekly;
  • support students with their learning as needed;
  • report student learning to their teacher based on the student tracking form (primary);
  • check on the progress of their secondary students in RenWeb;
  • communicate the challenges they are facing so we can seek to adjust accordingly;
  • show an extra measure of grace - our staff is also navigating the personal and family circumstances that arise during this season.

By 4 p.m. today each family will receive communication from their teachers.  Secondary students will hear directly from their teachers. Primary parents will hear directly from their teachers. Some of you may have already heard.  

Let's keep the communication flowing both ways. Please keep us updated on what is working well and what is not working well. Where you need help and what adjustments need to be made. The goal of these next three days is to work out as many of the kinks as possible while we all adjust to this new system.  

Thanks as always for your partnership and trust. By God's grace and through our strong partnership, each student will continue to grow and learn.  

May the hope of Christ rest in each of our hearts as we navigate the way forward.

With appreciation and prayers,