Schools in Rwanda will re-open on September 1, 2020 and KICS is receiving new student applications. APPLY HERE and join the KICS community.


Join KICS Vision 2050 Champions by giving $20 to $50 per month. Consider a one-time Vision 2050+ gift of $2050.

Rwanda is a nation focused on impacting the future by investing today. KICS believes that today’s investment will impact generations globally. By joining the KICS Vision 2050 Champions you will be an important part of generational and global impact through students today and into the future. Through Vision 2050 and High 5 Champions, it is our desire to raise enough money to complete three classrooms over the next 5-years at $32,000 per classroom. While giving $20 to $50 per month will make a difference we encourage you to dream with us and consider making a gift of $2050.




Join KICS High 5 Champions by giving the equivalent of one coffee each month at $5 per month or consider increasing to $5 per week ($20/mo) and being a 2050 Champion.

The average American spends over $1000 a year (over $90 per month) on coffee. That number doubles for 25-34-year-olds. At this rate of spending substantial impact could be made to something more than heart rates and blood pressure. You don’t have to drink coffee to sacrifice for children. It may be one meal or dessert when dining out that you sacrifice to make global and generational impact. It may be sacrificing a daily soft-drink, giving up your landline telephone, or reducing your cable/satellite plan during low usage months when you are on holiday that allows you to be a KICS High 5 Champion.





Become a KICS Family Champion and contribute a gift to honor or memorialize someone. Gifts can be made in any amount. Common memorial gifts are $100, $250, & $500.

KICS Family Champions give in the name of a family or individual to honor, recognize, or memorialize them. The broad KICS community is a family, and as such, we desire to celebrate and mourn with you. Your gift of any amount will be recognized and communicated appropriately. Your gift is an investment in the lives of students who will impact the world for Christ. KICS serves over 300 students from 30+ nationalities and intends to serve many more with the highest quality accredited education.