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Positions open for the current school year, 2014-2015

  • High School Math teacher to teach Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus

  • Part-Time School Counselor (12-15 hours per week) 

Positions open for the next school year, 2015-2016

  • Primary Principal, grades K-5

If you are interested, please send a resume to director@kicsrw.org and click the online application link below.

Click here to download KICS Teacher Recruitment Brochure. Further information about quick turnaround transitional needs may be discussed with qualified candidates.

Click here for an online application to apply for one of the available teaching, administrative, or other staff jobs. We recommend sending your resume before completing the application.


"...Having seen such providence in my life leading me to Rwanda has been a continual comfort to look back on. Even more so is realizing how God has used this experience to show me how ideal a career in teaching is for me; how I can use my strengths and find great joy in helping young people grow in many ways...

Being in Rwanda has really developed me as a person. It has ... shown me that I love working with young people and has given me valuable times with God away from the business of life in the UK. It has grown my love for Him and dependence on Him for each day...

I thank God for bringing me to Rwanda." (secondary teacher)

"...I believe it (KICS) is the place for me to be next year....I truly enjoy teaching at KICS. It has been a wonderful break from not to be loaded down with meetings, endless paper work, and other responsibilities that stifle the energy I can put into teaching... I thank God for such a great group of students who are unlike any other I have ever taught." (Elementary Teacher)

"I relish the privilege of teaching at a Christian school in Africa. God continues to work in my heart and give me joy in the work He has called me to do. Each day I get to teach Rwandan children, missionary children, children of non-Christians from various parts of the globe, and children of prominent people in this country’s business and government. It is awesome to start first period social studies (7th grade) with prayer and devotional in an environment where students can ask real questions about life and God, and we can freely discuss what the Bible teaches. Teaching elementary students about the music of J. S. Bach, sharing how he devoted his music to the glory of God, and learning about Handel’s Messiah and watching the kids rise—according to tradition—during the “Hallelujah Chorus” in honor of Christ, have been other blessings. Being not only free but encouraged to bring God into each class is an awesome opportunity." (Music & History Teacher)

"After much prayer and thought, I will be returning to Rwanda in August...and plan to teach in Rwanda as long as the Lord allows. I love being here: the people, KICS, the culture, and relationships that I have formed."  (Elementary teacher)

"I like KICS because the teachers are really kind and I am learning a lot. It is really cool to experience all the kids from so many different countries... I also like how easy it is to make friends."  (5th grade student)

"...To summarize what I learned during that life-changing year at KICS,
I'd have to say I learned to trust God more...He gave me strength DAILY to prepare for and teach 4 different academic courses. He gave me creativity to work around the limited resources and still provide meaningful activities and labs that enhanced the lesson.He gave me an uplifting, cohesive team of coworkers and administrators who constantly reminded me that God was using me for His glory.He gave me students with who I formed strong relationships. Many of them have continued to keep in contact with me, even though I'm now over 7000 miles away...It was the relationships with those kids that meant the MOST to me last year. (Secondary teacher)

Teaching at KICS is an amazing way to serve God! (Elementary teacher)

We had a wonderful experience as a family in Rwanda!! Don't miss out!!! (Staff)

I can't imagine teaching in a public school after this experience. It is wonderful being able to live and express your faith in the classroom as you teach. (secondary teacher)

There is not a better place than KICS for my children. (parent)

I can not imagine my kids being elsewhere for their education. The KICS teachers and staff have been wonderful. (parent)

The positive experiences my children have had at KICS will last a lifetime. (parent)

Without KICS my family would not be in Rwanda. (parent)

KICS makes it possible for missionary and development workers to serve more effectively and longer.  (Board Member)

KICS teachers and staff are servants whose service is compounded. (Missionary parent)

KICS provides a wonderful work environment in one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you are a Christian educator looking for an opportunity to make an eternal difference through service to students from as many as 30 nationalities, KICS is the place for you. Our multicultural Christian environment is special and provides rich opportunities for our students to grow and learn from a multitude of perspectives. KICS has been blessed to have staff that are second to none. We are always eager to meet new colleagues who will become lifelong friends through a context of service oriented around your teaching or administrative gifts. Please consider joining the KICS team as we work to provide a Christ-centered education while impacting the world for Christ by preparing servant leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over apathy.


Kigali International Community School
Caisse Sociale Estates, Gaculiro
Kigali, Rwanda

BP 6558
Kigali, Rwanda

+25 0783307282
For questions or feedback on this website, contact it@kicsrw.org